Consumers should keep online supermarket shopping, study shows

Practicality is mentioned as the main attraction, besides the promotions offered by retailers

Online supermarket shopping is here to stay.  According to a survey conducted by the advertising area of the UOL portal, more than half of Brazilians (59%) state that they will continue to do their supermarket shopping online even after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

This behavior is the crystallization of a trend that has been growing since before the outbreak of the disease that paralyzed the world, and acted as the driving force for the digitalization of the sector. Among the main reasons for maintaining this shopping mode is practicality, mentioned by 37% of the study participants.

Another group of 32% states that they must keep online supermarket shopping because they do not want to go to the stores or because of the restrictions imposed by social isolation. On the other hand, a group of 29% states that they prefer this channel because of the promotions and advantages offered by supermarkets.

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Digital” basket

The UOL study also evaluated which products are the most purchased by consumers in online supermarkets. Non-perishable items lead with 38% of the mentions, followed by personal care and hygiene products (37%), cleaning products (31%), and in last place, perishable foods – 26%.  This proves that for this category, consumers still want to have the purchase experience in physical stores and choose the products they want to buy.

As for the frequency of purchases in digital supermarkets, 33% of the participants said that they supply their homes through online purchases at least every 15 days. UOL’s survey had 500 respondents from all regions of Brazil, aged over 25, and from all social classes.