TikTok Effect: What caused the search for feta cheese to go viral in US supermarkets?

The recipe that went viral on the Chinese web generated unprecedented searches for the variety. 

To some, TikTok may seem like a youth social network with lots of dance videos. However, the Chinese platform has been making ever larger strides, impacting even supermarkets.  In January of this year, suppliers of feta cheese were taken by surprise by a surge in demand caused by a video of a recipe going viral on TikTok.

Called “uunifetapasta”, the dish can be prepared in a few minutes and consists of two steps: roasting cherry tomatoes in the oven with a block of the famous Greek cheese, olive oil, and seasonings. When the tomatoes are roasted and the cheese melted, you add the pasta and the recipe is ready.

@liemessaBaked feta pasta – the original viral #Uunifetapasta 🍝🔥#bakedfetapasta #tiktokfood #fetapasta #foodtiktok♬ Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man

The dish first went viral in Finland in 2018, but it was in January of this year that the phenomenon could be observed in the United States and generated an unprecedented demand for the cheese variety.

On TikTok, the #festapasta hashtag has already surpassed 600 million views and the term “feta” ranked first in searches on the popular supermarket delivery application Instacart in early February, prompting local chains to increase stock and suppliers to increase production and distribution of the variety.

Well, now you can keep an eye on the web to take advantage of any opportunity that goes viral there and increase the sales of your supermarket!


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