Procon-SP registers price variation in items of the market basket

Monthly survey shows an increase of almost 1% in the price, reaching R$ 1,007.89 in January 2021

According to the Intelligence and Research Center of Procon-SP, together with the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese), the market basket price increased 0.78% in the city of São Paulo, in January 2021. While in 2020 the consumer from São Paulo paid around R$ 1,007.89, the total cost, since last January 29, reached R$ 1,015.76.

Considering all market basket items, the highest increases registered in January 2021 were on the price of onions (17.91%); soap bars (11.86%); sliced ham (10.71%); potatoes (8.53%) and refined sugar (6.88%).

Among the items with largest price variation, the highlights are cleaning products with 2.02%; food, with an increase of 1.14%; and personal care items with 4.13% decrease. Considering the registered variation in the whole year, the monthly study by Procon-SP registered 0.78%.