Supermarkets start planning strategies with an eye on Easter sales

A SuperVarejo’s analysis shows a 10% contraction in Easter chocolate eggs sales between 2019 and 2020

Even in the face of a scenario of uncertainties, supermarkets need to design goals and the planning for Easter, the second best season for supermarket sales in the year. In spite of the social distancing and Covid-19 prevention measures that are still needed, the SuperVarejo web portal has requested to Horus Inteligência de Mercado, a comparative analysis between Easter week sales in 2020 and 2019. 

With focus on self-service and cash & carry channels from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, chocolate eggs sales decreased on an average of 10%. Nevertheless, the presence of bonbons and chocolate bars increased 3%. Despite the increase in sales volume, the average ticket went down.

In 2020, according to the trade director of Barbosa Supermercados, Mr. José Agnaldo, Easter eggs sales were larger in the company’s digital channel than it was in physical stores. Mr. Agnaldo said to SuperVarejo that in 2019, the average ticket was higher than it was in 2020.  

According to the supermarket chain’s director, the goal is to perform different actions this year, with the collaboration of suppliers. With actions in both e-commerce and physical stores, Mr. Agnaldo stated that the focus will be on Easter eggs, as well as in traditional items of the Holy Week.