GPA invests in logistics operation and expands service offer to partner companies

The retail chain created ‘GPA Logística e Transporte’ to manage and distribute products from other companies in their centers

GPA takes one step further in expanding its Marketplace by founding the ‘GPA Logística e Transporte’. From now on, the company is able to manage and distribute products from partner companies from their distribution centers, in addition to the digital platforms of Pão de Açúcar and Extra, which already sell products from other stores, since November 2020.

With this action, GPA is able to offer shipping services for companies who sell their products on the retailer’s marketplace, in addition to make the operation more profitable, both by sales commission from selling products on their digital platform and by offering shipping for the operation.

Companies who use GPA’s services will count on the collection, storage and delivery of products, as well as on the offer of financial and advertisement services for sellers.