Vertical farming supplies produce items to supermarket in São Paulo

‘Projeto 100% Livre’, created in collaboration with Embrapa, takes pesticide free products to supermarkets in São Paulo

Supermarkets in the city of São Paulo are starting to receive produce items from the ‘Projeto 100% Livre’ (100% Free Projects), an agricultural project developed in collaboration with Embrapa (Brazilian Agricultural Corporation). Focused on indoor, controlled and free of pesticides production, the first harvests of lettuce, parsley, thyme, sage, peppermint and basil were cultivated in a vertical farm, in Ipiranga, a neighborhood in the city of São Paulo.

Starting this month, products will arrive at neighboring supermarkets, of greengrocer format, and customers are going to be able to buy both via monthly subscription and from supermarket chains.  The vertical farm uses 12 meters high tower to produce in commercial scale, and the cultivation follow the guidance from Embrapa’s agronomists and professional technicians of the project.

The vegetable planting is done without soil or substrates, with artificial lightning of LED panels. The meteorological control, on the other hand, maintains the environment adequate for food cultivation with the best conditions of temperature, air humidity, radiation, CO2 concentration, among others.