Change in consumer behavior requires “digital” supermarkets

Survey by the SBVC, shows that 70% of Brazilians intend to buy more often on the internet, even on a post-pandemic scenario

The change in the shopping behavior of Brazilian consumers has triggered a warning sign for supermarkets who are not 100% ready to offer sales online. With the pandemic, many people started to buy groceries online using supermarkets websites and apps.

According to the survey carried out by the SBVC (Brazilian Retail and Consumption Society), 70% of Brazilians have the intention of buying more times on the internet, using websites and apps, even in a post-pandemic scenario. Other than finding new customers, the survey shows that the challenge of supermarket operations in the online environment will be offering to the online consumer experiences that are more and more similar to the experience in physical stores.

The arrival of 2021 has brought to supermarket operations the immediate need of evolving in the digital scenario, as it has strengthened those who already offered a quality service in the digital environment. Today, the challenge for the sector’s companies is to absorb the volume of orders, expand the delivery reach and minimize delivery times as much as possible.