GPA increases donations to the “Natal da Solidariedade” and sustainable actions

Instituto GPA expands in almost 6% the collections in 2020 and begins to recycle coffee capsules in collaboration with Dolce Gusto

In 2020, Instituto GPA has collected more than 993 tons of items that are part of the market basket and personal care and cleaning products, a volume 5.7% higher than the Natal da Solidariedade (Solidarity Christmas) of 2019. During the entire month of December, stores of Pão de Açúcar, Extra, Assaí and Compre Bem chains participated in the action with donations for over 170 organizations who collaborate with Instituto GPA. 

In order to stimulate consumers to adopt sustainable practices, GPA makes available Reverse Logistics programs as the Pão de Açucar Unilever recycling stations, available in 94 stores. In December 2020, the sustainable practices added coffee capsules in one action performed in collaboration with Nestlé Dolce Gusto and foam (PS) collection, in collaboration with Plastivida.