Nescau starts removing plastic straws from beverage packaging

Initiative starts this month and also proposes the elimination of plastic packs and more than 15 tons of the product in the environment

Nescau brand has informed that, from December, 100% of plastic straws will be replaced by items made with paper to follow the initiative created in 2019, when the brand abolished part of the straws of “Nescau Prontinho” packaging. 

Besides the chocolate products brand, Nestlé guarantees that all its beverage portfolio will go through the same process so that, in 2021, the company reaches the mark of more than 300 million plastic straws out of circulation. This number is equivalent to a reduction of approximately 130 tons of plastic in the environment.

Besides, Nescau brand also invests on the reduction of materials for packaging of its products and, to this end, the company eliminates the production of Nescau Prontinho packs, from plastic, choosing paper. Another measure taken also allows the removal of the plastics that involved the products, when leaving the plant, around 16 tons of plastic material produced annually.