Carrefour Brasil creates flexible work hours for administrative associates

Company is betting on cultural transformation and reinforces investment in the digitalization of human resources area 

Grupo Carrefour Brasil puts into practice its Cultural Transformation from their associates in administrative positions, who starts to have flexible work hours. This way, the company starts to value even more the people who are part of the staff and, consequently, attracting new talents. 

The new work model of Grupo Carrefour Brasil allows employees to be present in the office in a maximum of 60% of the work hours. In order to do so, the company is testing new work contract models, and in some cases, there is the possibility of working exclusively from home. 

This new work contract policy is valid only for associates of the Group’s headquarters, as well as for those who work in Banco Carrefour’s office, in São Paulo. In the former, for instance, 50 positions for working 100% from home were created in the IT area.

Focus on the digital

Grupo Carrefour Brasil is investing on the Human Resources area digitalization since 2018, and today carries out online associate recruitment and training. Using the people management focused platform, ConectaRH, Carrefour gains agility, autonomy and simplicity in processes and solutions of digitalization. Even hiring new employees can be done digitally using the Acesso RH platform, which carries out the paperwork electronically, in addition to interviews, thus reducing the hiring period in eight days.