Three horizons for the Post-Covid-19 rebound

Nielsen draws three distinctive horizons to the returning of economic activities and its impact in the consumer’s confidence. Know the variables that is part of each horizon

Nielsen, a global company of information, data and survey, has identified three possible time horizons for market rebound from the second semester of 2020 on. Estimates were based on the company’s Data Intelligence and considered variables as unemployment, fast-moving consumer goods sales and governments’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic and consumer behavior. When crosschecking this information, these three future horizons came up: 

In each one of these horizons, both consumer’s confidence and shopping basket will undergo through changes that affect businesses. Among the components that might be affected in these consumption horizons, according to Nielsen, are package size; brand choosing and product origin, which should adjust itself to the economic circumstances of the moment, taking into account mainly criteria as health and safety.

The first horizon, called “Rebound”, concentrates the determining variables to gain consumer’s confidence. It comprehends the first three months of the quarantine and what balanced consumers’ decisions.

The following horizon, “Reboot”, comprehends the moment we are currently experiencing, six months after social isolation begin, especially in the Western world (after March 2020).

Final horizon is “Reinvent”, and this may be the most challenging one. Predicted as an initial target for the first half of 2021, this horizon will emphasize the behaviors envisaged in previous periods.