Online supermarket creates device to optimize supply

Appius, developed by startup, helps consumers plan and save on their purchases

The supply of products both in the consumer’s pantry and on supermarket shelves can now be 100% integrated with the system, a startup that helps consumers plan and save on supermarket purchases. Appius is a device that facilitates the supply mainly of cleaning products, personal hygiene, non-perishable food, drinks, pets and fruit.

The technology allows the consumer to have more control over their purchases besides avoiding waste. According to Fábio Rodas, CEO and co-founder of Shopper, with Appius users are able to understand the family consumption and keep the house stocked without the essential items running out, saving money and avoiding waste. 

In addition to keeping the customer’s pantry stocked, the device will use the information to align store purchases even more accurately. The first batch of Appius devices will be delivered free of charge to Shopper customers who subscribe to the website