Condor inaugurates sustainability-oriented supermarket

50th unit in Brazil has project geared towards the reduction of gas emission and reutilization of material

The supermarket chain Condor has just inaugurated a 100% sustainable store in Curitiba. The project for the 50th point of sale relied on an investment of BRL 50 million to be the first supermarket in South America that uses propane in refrigerated equipment. It concerns a natural gas that does not corrode the ozone layer.

This initiative is based on the goal stipulated by the Montreal Protocol, which intends to replace until 2040 gases that are harmful to the environment. With the new store, the chain expects to become reference in Brazil, by stimulating ecological awareness to the private industry through efficient and economical equipment.

This is not the first time the company invests in sustainable refrigeration. Since 2008, the company operates on 50% decrease of emission of pollutant gases in its units. In 2012, Condor achieved to reach a 92% level in reduction of emissions after ceasing the use of CO2 to maintain the frozen industry.

The conception itself of the POS project also relied on the reutilization of the concrete of the former structure, which was used in the reconstruction. When using again this material, the company prevented a volume of approximately 7,000 m³ of debris from being disposed into the environment.

Condor Wesceslau Braz also has its own solar energy generation, capable of supplying about 282 homes in a year. LED lamps illuminate the environment, which reduces electrical power consumption by 50%, through the dimmer system, which adjusts the intensity of light in accordance with the environment. For washing floors, distributing water in the bathrooms and watering the plants of the store’s garden, there is a rainwater capture system, optimizing the use of the resource and avoiding wastes.

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