Supermarkets adhere to sustainable model with creativity

Company motivates recycling as bargaining chip

Brazilian creativity and innovation have stimulated the supermarket industry in the field of sustainability. The most recent example comes from Acre where the first supermarket that accepts recyclable waste as form of payment was inaugurated. That’s right, the inhabitants of the region who bring a kilo of recyclable material receive BRL 0.50 to purchase food at the supermarket, TrocTroc.

The store accepts to exchange PET bottles, aluminum cans and plastic seals for any of the items that compose the supermarket’s assortment. Besides this, the consumer who hands in the material cleaned and prepared for collection receives 20% more in the available value for purchases at the store. In another sphere of operation, the foods available at the grocery corner of TrocTroc, such as fruits, grains, legumes and vegetables are produced locally. Thus, the company appreciates the local producers and saves on the transport of merchandises.

New model in Germany

On the same sustainable line, a supermarket in Berlin, Germany, eliminated all disposable packages of the store. Macaroni, juice, shampoo, none of this is sold with packaging at the Original Unverpackt. In this model, disposable bottles and jars that annually accumulate 16 million tons of waste in the country do not have a chance. For this reason, the store’s proposal is for the consumer to bring their own packages such as glass jars, cans, shopping bags, baskets, etc. Just fill them with the products he wants and weigh them before paying for them.

In case the customers forget to bring a packaging, Original Unverpackt sells reusable vessels. Another advantage of the sustainable point of sale is to make available the origin of the product among other information for the consumer to make the best decision.

With the new format, the German supermarket starts to demystify deeply rooted behaviors besides introducing a new experience based on sustainability. Going through an era where experiences must be relevant and personalized for each community, Original Unverpackt shows how to operate in accordance with the individuals’ needs and desires.

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