Pão de Açúcar integrates relationship program with promotion

GPA supermarket chain creates partnership with wineglass and glass brand and activates loyal consumers of wines and other beverages

GPA has another novelty to bring closer even further the relationship with its base of loyal consumers of the Pão de Açúcar chain, called Cliente Mais. Both in the supermarkets and in the Minuto Pão de Açúcar and Pão de Açúcar Adega stores, as well as in the chain’s drugstores, consumers who spend a minimum of BRL 20.00 gain discounts in wineglass and glass sets of the French brand, Fontignac.

All in all, the promotion “Loucos por Selos de Desconto” (Loonies for Discount Stamps) can offer discounts of up to 97% in the purchase of these items for consumers of the supermarket chain’s loyalty program. Everything indicates that this action integrates GPA’s recent investment in the multichannel platform Pão de Açúcar Adega, inaugurated in December 2018 with physical stores and e-commerce directed towards consumers of wines and spirits.

Both the site and the physical stores aim to enhance the shopping experience of the consumer who is adept at enjoying a good wine. At the launch celebrated last year, Frederic Garcia, GPA Executive Director of Proximity, affirmed that Pão de Açúcar Adega was born in an integrated way so that the experience at the physical store may be complemented by the digital platform and vice versa.

On demand action

The partnership announced between the chain Pão de Açúcar and the wineglass and glass brand, was also thought of to appreciate the feature of each type of beverage marketed at the points of sale. For this reason, five different sets are part of the consumer’s options, composed of four pieces each. The choice shall be made specifically for the consumption of red wine, sparkling wine, white wine, whisky or diverse drinks.


According to Pão de Açúcar Marketing Director, Maria Cristina Merçon, this action reinforces the positioning of the brand in meeting the demand of consumers of wines and other beverages. The mechanics of the promotion at the point of sale will be based on a discount stamp for every BRL 20 in purchases made exclusively by “Cliente Mais” which shall be pasted on the action’s card. Those interested will have until July 21st to exchange their stamp and redeem their set at the stores.

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