New delivery platform starts operating in São Paulo

Colombian startup Merqueo arrives in the metropolitan region with contracts from major brands, including Coca-Cola, Ambev, P&G, Unilever, among others.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has accelerated some markets, such as the delivery one, which after a year of above average performance, is becoming increasingly competitive with the entry of new competitors. Besides the most remembered by consumers – iFood, Rappi and Uber Eats – São Paulo now receives the operation of Merqueo, a delivery application from Colombia that plans to compete for space with names already consolidated in the national market.

The platform arrives in the metropolitan region of São Paulo with robust partnerships to serve customers: Coca-Cola, Ambev, Nestlé, Parmalat, Mondeléz, P&G and Unilever. The company’s great differential – which represents a challenge for supermarkets to keep an eye on – is not having retail chains as intermediaries. The entire operation is focused directly by the startup, which even buys the products directly from the industry.

The arrival in São Paulo represents an investment of R$ 130 million to expand Merqueo’s distribution via dark stores. The goal is to fill gaps that the competition does not supply, such as when there is a lack of products on other platforms. 

In its country of origin, Merqueo bets on fast delivery – 15 minutes – as a differentiation tool, something that its competitor, also from Colombia, Rappi, already practices here together with the stores of the Mambo Group, in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood.

A newcomer in Mexico, Merqueo seems to be growing fast.  On July 30, the startup received a US$50 million investment from ICD Ventures, Digital Bridge, and IDB Invest funds.  In the next 12 months, the company plans to increase its logistics area in São Paulo to seven large distribution warehouses spread around the city and also to serve cities like Osasco and Barueri with more agility.

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