Retail registers over 50% increase in online sales in December, according to survey

When compared to the last months of 2020, the study shows a drop of almost 27% in online platform transactions 

In December 2020, digital retail sales were 54% higher than in the same period of the prior year. Revenues also reached a similar number, growing 55.74%. The number were calculated by the MCC-ENET index of the Brazilian Chamber of Digital Economy Metrics Committee, in collaboration with Neotrust/Movimento Compre & Confie.

Results show that even with the opening of many stores during the holidays, online shopping behavior continues to rise. Nevertheless, when comparing November and December 2020, the survey shows a drop of almost 27% in online sales.

Brazilian northeastern region registered the highest increase in e-commerce sales in December 2020, with 77.63%, followed by the south region (66.22%), southeast (48.32%), mid-west (46.99%) and North (39.25%). In the last 12 months, online sales are responsible for 9.3% share in online retail transactions.