Supermarkets increased almost 4% in sales in August

The entity’s National Sales Index shows a better performance as well when compared with the same month in 2019

Between January and August 2020, Brazilian supermarkets registered an increase in sales of 3.9% according to the ABRAS (Brazilian Supermarket Association). With almost 5% more than the month of August in 2019, the number is part of the ABRAS’s National Sales Index, made by Economics and Research Department. If compared to the previous month, July, the increase is of 2.56%.

The study also considered the price of Abrasmercado (a market basket with the 35 best selling items in Brazilian supermarkets) in August, with an increase of 1.83% in relation to July, reaching R$ 552.84. If compared with the same month of last year, the price increase of the basket reaches more than 15%.

Among the items with highest price increase, are soy oil (14%), tomato (13%) and mozzarella cheese (8%). Conversely, the items who presented highest price drops are onions (-28%), potato (-16%) and beans (-4%). According to the study, the highest Abrasmercado price increase registered is in the Southeast Region, with almost 4% in August, from R$ 525.87 in July, to R$ 545 in August.