Carrefour launches website integrated 100% with physical and online stores

New platform is integrated to distribution centers created to serve the demands from the online platform, minimizing stockouts

Carrefour is investing in a new online platform to improve the purchasing experience of their consumers over the internet. From a new website, the French chain will be able to do a better sales management in different channels, including partner apps as Rappi and Cornershop, for instance.

One of the changes expected is selling produce by weight instead of selling by unity, as before. With a redesigned and optimized purchasing journey, the user is able to make customized searches, based on the customer’s history and preferences.

Another new feature of the Carrefour platform, is the integration with all sales channels, whether physical or online, as well as the shipping service and collecting in the company’s stores. Moreover, the new online system avoids stockouts with 12 distribution centers created to serve only internet sales. VTEX is responsible for the digital design of Carrefour’s new website.