Supermarket launches chicken nugget into space to celebrate its 50th anniversary

Iceland Foods, from the United Kingdom, interacts with the NASA and promises a banquet to astronauts in the space

A supermarket chain from Wales, UK, celebrated its 50 years in a literally stratospheric way. In search for engagement with their consumers and spontaneous media, the Iceland Foods supermarkets sent a chicken nugget into space. The launching was carried out in a farm located in the North Wales region, from a customized vehicle.

A camera recorded the entire trajectory made by the nugget, since it left the ground, all the way through the atmosphere and back. According to the supermarket, the chicken nugget reached a maximum altitude of 33 thousand meters after two hours of the launching. 

In the social networks, the company interacted with users and with the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the NASA, and promised a banquet to astronauts in space in case any mission takes place in the United Kingdom region. Check out the video Iceland Foods posted: