Supermarkets have the greatest increase in new customers in the digital environment, in the first semester

Webshoppers report, carried out by ebit|Nielsen and Elo, shows that 12% of the customers started to buy using the app of chains at least twice a month

Brazilian e-commerce broke another record of increasing revenues and in sales volume when considering the first semester of the year and, according to the Webshoppers report, made by ebit|Nielsen in partnership with Elo, 72% of consumers started to use or started to use more frequently delivery apps. 

The survey about the Brazilian e-commerce shows that the segment with the highest number of new registrations of shoppers was supermarkets, with 14%. The 42nd edition of the half-yearly report shows that e-commerce revenues increased 47%, the highest increase in 20 years, reaching R$ 38.8 billion income in the first six months of 2020. 

Among consumers who buy using supermarket app, 24% is looking for products to refill their pantry. Moreover, the survey shows that 12% of participants started to buy over the app of supermarket chains at least twice a month, against 8% of those who buy once a month.

Among the many interesting features supermarket apps have for customers, the convenience of delivery and exclusive offers are the most important ones. Users’ most liked promotions are: free-shipping (83%), discount (61%), discount coupon (50%), buy one get two (34%) and rewards program bonuses (22%).

Still according to Webshoppers report, the buying experience of apps should be based on how easy it is to search for products, efficient deliveries, options of payment methods, post-sale service and coherence between physical store and the app.