Consumers use digital discount coupons for shopping online in U.S. supermarkets

Delivery company stablishes partnership and takes regular shopping experiences for American consumers to the digital environment

The pandemic has led buying habits in the United States to the digital environment, mainly after the growth of online sales in supermarkets of the country, just as it happened in Brazil. In the U.S., using discount coupons is a regular habit. With this in mind, Shipt, a delivery service company, started to offer the same solution in the digital environment.

Created in partnership with Quotient, the project aimed at receiving and offering discounts directly from manufacturers as Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson, for purchases in more than 90 supermarkets, including large chains and small grocery stores. Thus, the consumer has one more option of using the coupons, in addition to postal services and to those available in the stores.

Since last March, according to a survey by Inmar Intelligence, the participation in digital coupons programs, which are offered by some of the main supermarket chains in the U.S., increased 93%. Now, when accessing the company’s website or application, the user will have access to digital coupons according to the store in which he or she intends to buy.