Supermarket is betting on holographic attendant to educate consumers

Project’s goal is to avoid physical contact and inform the population about the necessary precautions to prevent the Coronavirus

Supermarkets are performing a leading role in the fight against the Coronavirus, and they are one of the main hygiene practices promoters for preventing contagion. With this purpose, the Condor store, from Curitiba, state of Paraná, betted on technology as medium to spread this message. The store put a virtual attendant, created from holographic projection, to educate consumers about preventive measures against the virus.

In addition to call attention, the action proposes an interaction during the social isolation period, which is recommended in order to protect the population. Developed by Condor Connect accelerator, a Condor’s project that supports entrepreneurship, and by AR3D startup. See on the video bellow how the attendant works. She has artificial intelligence and stimulates habits as sanitizing the hands, or gives guidance about risky behaviors as scratching eyes and nose in public environments.