APAS is closely monitoring price fluctuation in supermarkets

The President of the association believes that the best way to deal with the issue is taking clear information to the customer 

APAS is monitoring and advising its members in relation to the price of products during this pandemic period. The goal is to pass on to the final consumer only the price variation that comes from the supplier. “We know that pricing considers different components, and that needs to be clarified to our customers”, affirmed Ronaldo dos Santos, President of APAS.

The perspective of APAS for the coming weeks of the pandemic is that the prices of fruits and vegetables items would remain fluctuating, while potato, coffee and beans, for instance, should keep increasing. “The price of oil decreased 61% since the Coronavirus pandemic begun, which helps reducing logistics and transportation costs. Lack of workforce is what makes prices to increase in this scenario”, says Thiago Berka, Economist of APAS.

In order to take such information to the final customer, APAS has been developing materials that are constantly updated. In the APAS webpage there is a booklet with complete procedures and guidance to the entire chain. “We are already on the fourth version of the booklet, with new guidelines and increasingly better materials, elaborated by professionals that explains what is the role of supermarket in that this moment”, said Fabiano Benedetti, APAS Marketing and business unity manager.