APAS Show 2019 Retrospective

Check out the content published on the Blog APAS Show that was most successful among readers and had the most hits throughout the year

The APAS Show year-end climate is reminiscent of all that happened in 2019 for São Paulo supermarkets and APAS associates. Therefore, in this article we have gathered the main content published on the Blog, more precisely the five most accessed during this year.

1 – Brazilians Shopping More Online – A survey by APAS in partnership with Ibope Inteligência on “Consumer Trends in Supermarkets 2018/2019”, which shows Brazilians increasingly shopping online and looking for healthy products. The result also shows that the Brazilian consumer wants to have different experiences in supermarkets. Read the full post on this link.

2 – Growth Expectation – The expectation of the APAS Show 2019 is that the supermarket sector and all its players move about $ 2.5 billion in business. According to the president of the Paulista Association of Supermarkets (APAS), Ronaldo dos Santos, this year’s theme, “Super Hack: Hacking the Supermarket” brought innovation guided by technology in search of increasingly simple and fast processes inside and outside the points. of sales. To read this full post, click here.

3 – Autonomous Stores – The arrival of Zaitt in Brazil was also one of the most accessed content in the blog in 2019. Therefore, today Brazil already has a technology supermarket case to call yours: Zaitt. The company developed based on facial recognition technologies, no employees around, all automated and secure. To learn more about the brand concept and its market prospects, visit this link.

4 – Startups changing the market landscape – The automation of sampling actions in supermarkets also yielded the biggest hits to the APAS Show Blog. This is a startup that enables sampling activations to be more interactive with the consumer. To understand how sampling can be done in a more practical way by distributing promotional items autonomously, visit the article link published this year on the APAS Show Blog.

5 – Behavior Change – Supermarkets are experiencing consumer behavior change and learning with each visit how to be part of their daily lives. One of the cornerstones of this change in attitude is technology, which enables managers to discover the products their consumers like to buy. Read this article at this link.