Over 60% of disabled people shop for groceries at supermarkets

Survey by the Brazilian Society of Retail and Consume (SBVC) shows that 37% of these customers buy on the internet

From physically disabled Brazilians, 37% are consumers who buy online every month, and 23% buy online every two weeks. The Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumption (SBVC) collected such data in a survey carried out in partnership with Toluna, about the buying habits of this population.

The study considers the factors that stimulate consumption in this public, what do they value most when buying, the existing barriers and the digital retail in their daily life. In this scenario, smartphones represent 46% of the devices used for shopping online, right next to computers (50%).

Among the participants, 61% buy basic items in supermarkets every week. “Convenience is a very relevant aspect in the buying decision of this public”, says Eduardo Terra, president of the Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumption (SBVC). The survey also shows that 72% of the disabled consumers in Brazil think that the buying experience in supermarkets is very positive.

Aspects that disturbs shopping

On the other hand, this public still finds difficulty in the access with narrow aisles, stairs and steps, very high gondolas and checkouts. According to the study, these are the aspects disturbing the buying experience once they make moving around the point of sale more difficult. The survey interviewed 892 consumers nationwide, aiming at showing the disabled customer interest on physical and online stores.

Among the participants, 76% are relatives, friends or responsible for helping a disabled person in their shopping. The sample includes 44% of disabled people in lower motor functions, 24% of visually impaired people, 20% of hearing impaired people and 12% of disabled people in upper motor functions.