Boa Supermercados establishes a partnership with a food bank in São Paulo

Chain will contribute with over 400 families supported by the Social Assistance Reference Centers

The Boa Supermercados chain has established a partnership with the Food Bank of the city of Jundiaí, for weekly food donations to 400 families. The donations will be delivered every Wednesday morning and later they will be sent to the industrial kitchen of the city’s Social Action Foundation (Fumas).

Fruits and vegetables will be sanitized before making the Green Baskets that will be distributed on the following Thursday. The action consists as well in educating the beneficiary families in relation to eating according to food groups. Currently, the project serves in turns, people in the São Camilo, Vista Alegre, Santa Gertrudes and Novo Horizonte regions.

This way, Boa Supermercados chain can contribute with the society, avoiding food waste in its stores. “In view of the famine situation in the country, we are able to give a noble destination to food that, perhaps, is at an advanced ripening stage or with a minor damage”, said the chain’s director of operations, Gustavo Castro e Silva.