Big Data in supermarkets: mindset for learning data

To Thoran Rodrigues, CEO of BigData Corp, companies can work with information already available in their systems

To the majority of professionals involved in a supermarket operation, working with big data is related to insert and deal with technology at the point of sale. On the other hand, it is common to associate the term with tools that support a great amount of data. However, according to Thoran Rodrigues, CEO of BigData Corp, it is all about a mindset of working correctly with the information.

During the Next Supermarket Generation, produced by APAS, Rodrigues emphasized that the focus is on showing the importance of working with the information that already exists. “Today there is little focus on the information generated and in large reports, numbers and so on. The most important is having the mindset to take advantage of information and guide the business from information”, he said.

For him, in supermarket the mindset should be directed in using the numbers as a support for understanding more and more about the business. “Once one understands the importance of information, it becomes necessary to learn about each type. Using social media data, and knowing where the customer drifts around more in-store, is not enough. There is a great amount of information that are already available in the systems”, Thoran Rodrigues stated.

Data without size

The management mindset directed to knowing the generated data is not a matter of size, according to the CEO of BigData Corp. “All formats and sizes have a volume of information that could be already processed. Operational processes, products sold together, inventory data; all of this generates unique and strategic data and information, which may produce a competitive differential to supermarkets”, he explained.

According to Mr. Rodrigues, it is not necessary a great investment to properly work with data. For him, the mindset does not depend on the size. “Knowing to use information is as driving without seeing. The chance of having an accident is huge, and only the information can give the right guidance”, the CEO compared.