Startup avoids losses in supermarket with digital tool

Berrytech aims at optimizing operations and avoid problems of inventory management in stores

Technology is increasingly present in the daily operation of supermarkets nationwide, and one of the main benefits it brings to the sector is loss reduction. For that reason, a startup based in Curitiba created a digital auditor to minimize the complexity of managing supermarket inventory.

According to the ABRAS (Brazilian Supermarket Association), in 2018, 53% of the losses – which resulted in R$ 3.5 billion in losses – registered in the stores were due to operational error as lack of methodology and process supervision. According to the CEO of Berrytech startup, Kleber Amora, the digital auditor offers a methodology from an application developed to execute and monitor the auditing process.

Auditing and supervision

This project’s goal is to ensure that processes work from a team of Berrytech internal auditors to supervise and monitor employees. “One of the most important roles of the digital auditor is to reassure to the manager that all activities are properly executed, and he or she could have more time to think and act strategically”, the CEO said.

The startup was founded in 2016, focused on increasing supermarket profits, combining methodologies with new software technologies. Consequently, this year Berrytech became a partner of APAS (Associação Paulista de Supermercados), being officially recommended to over 4,000 stores in Brazil.