Supermarket confidence in São Paulo increases 14% in September

Supermarket Confidence Survey in the State also shows a scenario of uncertainties for the sector’s entrepreneurs

Optimism among entrepreneurs of the supermarket sector in the state of São Paulo regarding to sales expectations raised from 36% in August to 50% in September, according to the APAS (São Paulo Supermarket Association).

The Supermarket Confidence Survey in the state of São Paulo shows as well that the percentage of entrepreneurs who are pessimists in relation to the future increased in the same period, from 16% to 23%. Thus, the study shows that, in spite of the worst period registered in last May and June, there are still uncertainties regarding the state’s supermarket industry.

The sector’s entrepreneurs

The survey considers the supermarket entrepreneurs’ expectations in relation to sales, satisfaction rate with the Federal and State governments, interest rate in Brazil, employment, GDP evolution and inflation. The survey’s main goal is to identify the confidence level of the region’s supermarkets in relation the country’s macroeconomic environment.