Christmas sales in supermarkets might increase 6% in 2019, says APAS

According to the Associação Paulista de Supermercados the forecast was of 2% in 2018 and the month of December may reach a 24% growth

This year’s Christmas time might be better to supermarkets in São Paulo than the forecast was 2018. According to data from APAS, supermarket sales might have a 6% increase in the period. The number is over the double of the 2% predicted last year.

The flagship item in supermarket sales is the alcoholic beverages sector, where managers expect 53% increase when compared to the previous year. On the other hand, perishable and dairy items should grow 67%, as well as Produce, with 80% more sales than 2018.

All the expectations regarding sales increase for this year’s Christmas are connected to the price drop of products that is happening since June, due to the dry weather and the temperature rising as the summer gets close. Fruits price decreased 3.30% in September as well as vegetables, with 16% decrease, and greens with 8.3%. Conversely, meat should repeat last year’s sales percentage.

Black Friday in the supermarkets

The survey carried out by APAS shows that sales growth with the Black Friday might reach 4.2% this year. In addition to the official date, in November 29th, supermarkets are expecting an increase in online sales during the entire month.