Uber Eats plans grocery delivery for supermarkets

German company’s food delivery sector starts partnership with supermarket chains aiming at increasing results

In order to improve and expand its financial results, Uber wants to maximize online services and, for that reason, it started to make deliveries to supermarkets as well. The initiative considers that the delivery service, Uber Eats, serves to the same eating demand from the population.

In Europe and North America, the company is already negotiating the service with chains that have the goal of delivering both ready meals and groceries to the customers. In Sydney, Australia, Uber Eats started a pilot-project in the beginning of 2019 having Coles supermarket chain as partner.

In Brazil, there is already a move from the company in relation to grocery delivery, along with giants such as Nestlé and Unilever, in which Uber Eats makes the delivery of coffee and items for babies. According to Uber, the food delivery sector grew 72% in this year’s second quarter in relation to the same period in 2018, totaling US$ 595 million in revenue.