Mantiqueira’s “vegan egg” arrives at the supermarkets in São Paulo

GPA and local chains make vegan eggs available on the shelf and meet the demand from allergic and intolerants to egg, and vegans

Grupo Mantiqueira’s “vegan egg”, launched by the company during the APAS Show 2019, starts to conquer room in the shelves of supermarkets in São Paulo. The product, named “N.ovo”, is a food made from pea starch and appears as a substitute for traditional egg in recipes such as cakes, bread and pasta, for instance.

N.ovo is found in packages of 132 grams in the stores of the Pão de Açúcar chain, costing R$29.90. Mantiqueira’s new product aims at the growing demand from customers that are vegans, intolerant or allergic to the egg’s protein.

Considering this initiative, GPA reassures its sustainable positioning, which started with the marketing of a product developed by Fazenda Futuro, a 100% Brazilian foodtech, focused on the manufacture of plant based products that are animal protein substitutes. Since last May, Extra and Pão de Açúcar stores are selling the Futuro Burger, the Brazilian startup’s product.

In addition to the GPA stores, Sam’s Club and local chains as Hirota, Muffato, La Fruteria, St Marche and Zaffari, are selling the startup’s innovations in their stores.