Artificial Intelligence automates supermarket management

AI-based tools such as RUB and Sara, as well as the message app WhatsApp, can speed up operations

Brazilian supermarkets are getting increasingly connected, and Artificial Intelligence may as well be used as a differential for companies from this industry sector. And one of the examples of automation tools in the operation of stores is “RUB”, created by GIC Brazil.

The RUB system works by recognizing gondolas and shelves’ images at points of sale, as automation captures these patterns from algorithms. Real-time imaging makes it easier to spot faults during operation, providing quicker solutions.

After spotting possible inaccuracies in either the offering or restocking of products at stores, RUB can diagnose situations and  guide managers into performing the tasks needed. Furthermore, GIC Brasil’s new system allows the management of inventories and products’ terms of validity in a more accurate way.

Walmart’s Smart Whatsapp

Another way to automate operations through Artificial Intelligence takes place when supermarkets’ own systems have got autonomy to send messages carrying data and information to managers through the WhatsApp application. The Sara software, developed by Senior Systems, is the fulfillment of such a goal and within supermarket management it answers questions about sales, inventories and accounts payable, all by making use of the application.

Even Walmart has adopted the world’s most famous messaging application in its Mexico operations. The local Superama supermarket network, managed by Walmart, is getting purchase orders through WhatsApp. Consumers may either send photos of their product lists or send messages containing the items described so that stores deliver these.

Such a service, by the way, can be performed within 90 minutes for USD 2.55, or under longer terms for USD 2.03. Payment options include paying cash or using cards, and users may yet choose among ordering either through supermarket apps or companies’ websites.