New supermarket formats are becoming popular among Brazilians, the survey says

Study carried out by Kantar shows a 2% increase in the volume of perishable products traded in the country

The Brazilians’ perishable product basket is presenting an increase in the first quarter of 2019, according to the Consumer Insights survey carried out by Kantar. In addition to these products, the study also shows an increase of the complementing shopping channels, as the cash and carry and small self-service retail stores.

In the period within the first three months of the year, the increase was of 2% in the volume of perishable items in the stores, when compared to the 12 previous months. Among those who bought perishable products for the home, the products that stand out are ice cream, fermented milk, mineral water and ready-made desserts. Cookies and beverages are the main perishables consumed out of the house.

The Kantar survey points out the cash and carry format as the great novelty for the Brazilians, once this kind of store grew almost 4% in relation to the market penetration, which means more than 2 million of homes being supplied by this kind of store. The small self-service retail store shows up with a 1.3% increase in the penetration, what represents 715 thousand new homes opting for this format.

Complementing channels

According to the Marketing Director and Consumer Insights of Kantar, Giovanna Fischer, these are the complementing channels in relation to the purchasing moment of each customer. On the other hand, the study reveals that the penetration of neighborhood supermarkets and hypermarkets have decreased 2.2% and 2.1%, respectively.

Within March of this year and the same month of the previous year, the DE class was the only one that registered a growth in grocery expenses (6.3%) as well as in the single items consumed at home (3%).  The determining factor for this result is the drop of 4.2% in the average purchase volume. In relation to the frequency, Brazilian families reduced in 1% the visiting to these points of sale.