Growth hacking: tests show the growth path to the supermarkets

Technology can hack ways of growing through experiences in the point of sale

Supermarkets are real consumer behavior laboratories, besides being an opportune environment for testing due to the variety of profiles that go by the stores every day. Today, technology has completely transformed the way brands can receive feedback from customers, especially in the speed of implementing changes in the point of sale.

What few managers know is about the Growth Hacking concept, a practical methodology that uses agile tactics to grow based on constantly experimentation. “We can define it as a profound way of thinking. In our new market configuration, a budget cannot have an annual planning, for instance”, explains Raphael Lassance, Founder of the Growth Team.

Numbers as answer
According with the expert, tests performed with the right indicators, allow greater assertiveness in decisions. “What answers for the investment scale is the numbers. When testing anything in the store, you need to allow the data to bring the answers”, says Lassance.

Finding the shortest ways to get to the brand growth is the essence of Growth Hacking and the main strategies are simpler than it seems. “On YouTube, it is possible to insert a brand advertising in the launching video published by the competition. For example, in Google’s Display model, you can have a banner of your company segmented for users that have accessed other company’s website”, explains the Growth Team’s founder.

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