Digital channel now brings results for operation of supermarkets

See how GPA, Lopes Supermercados and Quitanda collect fruits from investment in online solutions and e-commerce

The supermarket industry is in constant transformation and one of the main players in Brazil, GPA< rethinks the format constantly. For this case, the group relies on the opinion of whoever understands more about stores: the employee. “We have them right at the heart of our decisions. Our focus is people,” Marcelo Bazzalli, Executive Director of Extra in GPA, states.

Today, the flagship Pão de Açúcar is reference in innovation in the online environment mainly due to extensive investment in delivery services, the first in the food industry in Brazil, and, now, with the application “Pão de Açúcar Mais.”

In accordance with Bazzalli, today the group reaches the seventh generation of stores, but always learning in each new stage. “Each segment of the supermarket industry is seeking for its niche and this is a source for expansion of GPA’s multi-retail portfolio,” the Executive Director said in his presentation at the APAS Show 2019 Management Congress, at the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo.

Search for differentiation

In this same sense as well, other chains like Lopes Supermercados and Quitanda, innovated to bring more comfort to the consumer. Both established partnerships with Supermercado Now, site that connects consumers and representatives of the food retail in the digital environment. “When we decided for online, we started off for specialized companies and the pilot was already on the air three months after,” Fabiana Mourão, Marketing Manager of Lopes, explains.

Now there is also who starts to collect the results of betting on the digital channel as a way of leveraging revenue and diversifying the offering of services to the consumer. “Before we opted for the online platform, consumer assistance was done by telephone. Three years after, our e-commerce already accounts for 10% of Quitanda’s sales,” Gustavo Ikeda, General Manager of São Paulo’s premium supermarket chain, affirmed.

In accordance with Fabiana Mourão, regardless of the social class, all consumers want to have their time in the supermarket valued. The customers of least purchasing power, who identify themselves greatly with Lopes Supermercados, are also connected constantly with the company. “An in-house study showed that 95% of our consumers use smartphones and the challenge was to bring e-commerce in a simple way so that they might perceive value,” the chain’s Marketing manager relates.