Carrefour bets on partnerships to expand in the digital environment

Services promote comfort to the consumer from specialized teams that facilitate and accelerate implementation

Who could imagine that the large supermarket chains would be a touch away from our smartphones’ screen? The current scenario is of growth in the e-commerce format for the industry, to achieve success in the digital environment, care with some peculiarities of the channel is necessary.

In 2016, Carrefour already attempted to create an omnichannel connection with the consumer with the proposal “Retire de Carro” (Pickup by Car), stimulating shopping through the online platform. Two years after, the company introduced more convenience options like “Click & Retire” (Click & Pickup) and home delivery with a new partner. “Rappi is a large accelerator that helps us to create solutions for the delivery market in the industry where we operate,” Bruno Machado Gomes, Food Service Director of Carrefour, said during the APAS Show 2019 Management Congress. According to the executive, in 2019, the company will implement still in all available services the delivery made on the same shopping day.

Also through partnerships, Carrefour adopted the QR Code in items of its own brand that direct the consumer to recipes made with the product. “We cannot embrace the world, we have to know what are our limitations in determined aspects,” Gomes recognizes.

More integration among teams

Despite that the entire available technology, many supermarkets must ask themselves how the digital model can leverage results and generate engagement for the industry’s more traditional companies. “Make it different, listen to people outside your circuit and create,” Edilaine Godoi, Digital Head of Ikesaki, teaches, participant in the panel conducted at the APAS Show 2019 Management Congress.

Five years ago, the perfumery operates the online model and, in accordance with the executive, it is possible to count with the fingers how many brands and industries have specific team to operate in the digital environment. To achieve success in this channel, Edilaine suggests greater integration among departments in retail, mainly to base upon decision makings. “Does your digital team participate in meetings with the industries? And does the digital team of the industries visit the stores?,” the Digital Head of Ikesaki provokes.

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