Large supermarket chains are the most preferred for online shopping

Get to know as well some reasons that interfere in online shopping, in accordance with Pedro Ross, Partner of Bain & Company

Most consumers would choose a large supermarket chain in case they have to do their shopping online. “The consumer does not only purchase through the internet because this format is not deeply established yet,” Pedro Ross, Partner of Bain & Company, says during his presentation in the APAS Show 2019 Management Congress, which commenced on May 7th.

Even before the omnichannel consumer, who wants to be served in different channels and at distinct moments, off-line retail can work in three fronts for it to benefit from this behavior. According to the Partner of Bain & Company, the most indicated is to bridge the convenience gap between online and physical shopping, to make use of the advantage of being a company established in the market and to use the digital environment as a differentiating factor.

Barriers still do exist for online shopping

Ross also highlights the reasons that interfere directly in the acceptance of digital shopping by consumers. “The search for products in physical stores is better than in e-commerce and, in online shopping, some items may not be in accordance with what the customer wants,” the Partner of Bain & Company explained.

According to the executive, of the consumers, followers of online shopping in supermarkets, few have this habit regularly. “Of the buyers with this behavior, only 6% used online services of these supermarkets more than once every month,” he affirmed.

Pedro relates that, in the United States, the major barriers for online shopping are the consumer’s desire of walking around the store, besides the lack of confidence in the quality of the products that will be delivered. Among the main reasons so that an online shopping experience may be convenient for the consumers are: to order from anywhere, checkout and easier and faster payment.