Zaitt inaugurates automated store in São Paulo

Company opens new point of sale in Brazil implementing sensors and services to facilitate experience

From now on São Paulo is among the Brazilian cities with one of the country’s most modern points of sale. This month, Zaitt inaugurates a new automated store with technologies that facilitate payment, besides facial recognition. Basically, when entering the company’s minimarket, the consumer chooses what he wants to take home and pays upon leaving the store.

The Zaitt model is based on a completely autonomous shopping experience. There is only one employee in the unit, hired to carry out the replenishment of merchandises on the display racks. The company’s stores were inspired on recent examples, such as Amazon go, in Seattle, in the United States.

This is a more sophisticated version of the company’s first point of sale in Brazil, inaugurated in Vitoria, capital of the State of Espirito Santo, two years ago. In both projects, the consumer can enter and leave at any time of the day, throughout the week. To access the service, the consumer has to register in the company’s application.

More and more technology

From the QR Code technology, it is possible to open the store’s door for the first time. The returns are on account of the facial recognition, an exclusive feature of the store in São Paulo. In this point of sale, the products are recognized by RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) sensors similar to those used in tollgates.

The tool is that ensure the store’s security, besides two doors that lead the consumer to the exit. At the first, recognition of the user’s face is done, while the other is only opened after confirmation of payment. This way, the technology present at the point of sale is able to gather together the items chosen by each consumer on a screen. To know more about the brand’s concept and about its market perspectives read the interview with Rodrigo Miranda, one of the company’s founders, for APAS Show Blog.