Prezunic includes WhatsApp in digital relation strategy

Chain makes use of instant message tool’s success to offer facilities to consumer

Digital Transformation has an impact on 75% of all micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Brazil, according to a survey conducted by Sebrae in all states of the country. The study conducted between April and June 2018 shows that WhatsApp is used by 72% of the enterprises with the objective of maintaining communication with their customers.

Santa Catarina is the state with largest number of MSEs using the instant messaging application (81%), while São Paulo ranks 6th. Of the total enterprises that use the application in the state, 43% of them carry out sales while 61% perform solely online assistance.


In Rio de Janeiro, the chain, Prezunic, follows the trends of these MSEs and has already kicked off a project based on the remittance of messages to their customers with first-hand offerings every day. “Zap Prezunic” gathers together all daily offerings of the chain and sends them to its customers. “The objective is to cause the customer to like the service share it with friends and families”, according to the chain’s Marketing Manager, Lorena Santos.

The channel was created to monitor the consumers’ interests strategically, however, carefully thought of, to prevent the sending of spam. Through WhatsApp messages, the chain, Prezunic, also intends to help the customer in the search for price without having to leave the house.

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