Prezunic takes activities to the beach

Kiosk will stay 52 days in Barra da Tijuca beach offering more than 100 items, in addition of free activities and shows for visitors

Summer is the time of the year when we would like that everything were near the beach so that we could enjoy most of the time by the sea. Then just imagine if there were a supermarket on the boardwalk by the beach and you could enjoy some shows and activities for free there?

In Rio de Janeiro the Prezunic supermarket chain has developed a seasonal project to be set up by the beach in Barra da Tijuca with more than 100 products for sale. The store has been created in the format of the kiosks and started to operate on January 18.

The activation will operate for 52 days and it will be focused on selling items aligned with the hottest season in the year. To attract bathers the point of sales will offer free services and activities, including shows with MPB singers.

During this period, the Prezunic space will hold daily activities starting at 9 am and expected to end at 9 pm. Shows, on the other hand, will be held only on Saturdays and Sundays. Among the free activities for bathers there are functional training, yoga classes, workshop of drinks and workshop of sand sculpture for kids.  To cool down the heat, Prezunic will offer a fresh water shower, in addition to chairs, beach umbrellas and ID bracelets for kids.

One of the Prezunic project’s objectives is also to draw attention to sustainability. The kiosk will have a garbage disposal station, selective waste collection and distribution of biodegradable bags on the sand to make bathers aware of their role in keeping the beach clean.

The kiosk’s product assortment includes items such as special disposable diapers to be worn in the sea, ice creams, fruit salad, sodas, draft beer and sunscreen. To put together the Summer Kiosk the Prezunic chain has invested about R$ 1.5 million and it will rely on over 30 employees who will be given specific training courses. Additionally, at the temporary point of sales there will be promoters of various brands conducting actions of product tasting and handing out kits to bathers.

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